Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP)

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program. We are working hard to get this year’s application ready and it should be up the week of March 1,2021.

Please keep checking our website daily! The application will be open through  the end  of April so you will have plenty of time to apply!




Some Highlights from 2020 SYELP


Jayquan Hynes succeeded in his summer worksite placement. He was placed at the Bloomfield Prosser Public Library. He started off at the worksite not knowing much about the operations of the library. During his interview he spoke about his passion for marketing, and graphic design. After getting his worksite placement I encouraged him to ask questions and see if he will be able to use some of those skills at the worksite. I learned that Jayquan was not afraid to ask questions, and ask for more work when needed. Throughout the weeks he took initiative to learn and master book covering. He helped create a social media video for the library highlighting his new skill with covering books. This video he created and edited was featured on the library’s social media page. In addition, he utilized free digital apps to complete tasks at the library. The staff at the library was impressed by his work ethic, professional and time management skills. With this being the first year of the summer youth employment program for Bloomfield he left a great first and last impression with the worksite. His hard work has opened the door for future youth and continued partnership for future SYELP youth.


The Summer Youth Employment Learning Program students, through civic engagement activities, completed work remotely at home, designing community awareness campaigns through the creation of yard signs. This included promotion of the 2020 Census and Get Out To Vote. Students were provided with blank yard signs and the necessary art supplies to design their own creative message to the Hartford community. The students were tasked with conducting research weekly on the topics and having discussions on what they learned. We anticipate over 300 yard signs were created and displayed throughout the City of Hartford.

East Hartford

In our first year as the Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program provider for East Hartford, we are proud of all the interns that participated in our programming this year. We would specifically like to highlight two interns who excelled in their work placements, Natalee Ware and Nryiah Kelly. Both were stand out employees at JB Pride Uniforms, where their customer service, adaptability, and hard work led their worksite supervisor, Suzanne Sebastian, to offer both youth positions at the company. We know just how big this opportunity is for our youth and appreciate our partnership with JB Pride Uniforms.


The HRA Summer Program for Tiers 1 and 2 was divided into three projects, namely, The UCONN Expanded Food and Nutrition Education program, Tunxis Photography, and the Human Services project.

The participants in all three projects gained valuable information through virtual individual projects, conducting research, creating new recipes and using Google Docs to complete assignments.

The Tunxis Photography project enabled youth to tell personal stories through their cameras and the Instructor was very complimentary of the work that the participants did.


The Capital Workforce Partners’ Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP) had many challenges this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our regular worksites were closed and employers didn’t want to add any addition employees especially youth. OICNB’s Tier III program still rose to the occasion with youth going to work and attending the Career Labs component. One young man that stands out and was employed at OICNB as the COVID-19 maintenance person is John Prebish. John is a recent graduate of New Britain High School and this was his second year in OICNB’s summer employment program. John has been involved with OICNB since middle school in our after schools programs and our Saturday program,” Men of Many Colors”. All of OICNB programs utilize the “career competency system with youth in high school receiving a half credit towards graduation. It really pays off when youth can move through the tier system and graduate from high school in four years. John will be attending Tunxis Community College in the fall. The importance of summer employment is critical for youth especially during this pandemic. Many of our youth continue to help their families especially this summer.






Youth & Young Adults

Ages 14-24