HOYC Youth Training & Employment Navigation Tool

The HOYC Youth Training & Employment Navigation Tool is designed to promote access and engagement for disconnected youth in the Greater Hartford region. The Tool will be available on the HOYC website, United Way 211, and elsewhere with mobile compatibility.

Youth will complete a brief survey relating to educational needs, career interests, and desired services. The Tool will then direct youth to a list of programs and services provided by HOYC partners that is tailored to the youth’s individual survey responses.

Each listed program/service will have a contact link that is directly connected to a point person at the partner organization who is responsible for rapidly reaching out to the youth in response to a referral from the Tool. Once a connection is established between the youth and the service provider, youth will either be enrolled into programming or referred to other services with a ‘warm’ handoff from the initial point of contact to other staff persons.

*It is important to note that in order for your HOYC Navigation Tool results to be saved, you must first create a 2-1-1 Account. If you do not want to save your results, you will not need to create a 2-1-1- Account.

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Opportunity Youth

Are you between 18 and 24 years old? Photo of a young man working in a manufacturing facility

Did you not finish high school or graduated but are unemployed?

Are you interested in FREE training for an exciting career that can earn you a great salary?

Our workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs for youth who are not currently in school provide FREE access to training and skill-building activities that will result in jobs and self-sustaining CAREERS!

To learn more about Opportunity Youth or to sign up, please contact one of our listed providers, or contact us at 860-522-1111.







Youth & Young Adults

Ages 14-24