Core Values

Organizational core values define how CWP conducts itself every day, whether someone is watching or not.
They are critical to organizational success, as living out the values helps CWP foster positive relationships and outcomes as it interacts with co-workers, job seekers, employers, and the greater community. CWP’s core values, each of equal weight or importance, are listed below.


Support emanates through an all-hands-on-deck mindset. We recognize and encourage strengths and support each other’s personal development and growth. These attitudes and behaviors inspire greatness.


We embrace creative risk taking and out-of-the-box thinking. We have the courage to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Mutual respect is essential to building strong and lasting relationships. We are mindful of our word choices and tone, and we respect diversity and differing views/opinions.


A positive, hopeful attitude is what makes us shine and conquer challenges. We engage ourselves fully, focus on what we can do together, and validate contributions along the way.


Collaboration is working effectively with and through others for shared and successful outcomes. We collaborate whether we are leading, supporting, or partnering.


Transparency is necessary for shared growth and understanding. We openly communicate information that is clear and truthful, and our actions mirror our communications.


We follow through on what we commit to do and conduct ourselves with unshakable integrity and honesty.

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Youth & Young Adults

Ages 14-24