Business Services

CWP, in partnership with the American Job Center, helps businesses Find, Retain, and Grow a qualified workforce. Our team of business solutions consultants and industry sector experts draw on a large and diverse talent pool and variety of training resources to help you meet today’s hiring needs and maximize your recruitment and training strategy.

All of our programs and services are available at no cost.

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How We Can Help

Recruitment Support

We serve as an extension of your HR team to make hiring more efficient and lead to better employee retention. We screen candidates for qualifications, experience, interest, and job readiness.

Training Incentive Programs and Grants

Connect to a variety of workforce development resources designed to help business offset costs of training new and incumbent employees.

Hiring Events

We provide meeting space, event promotion, and logistics support to events that help you meet, screen, and hire future employees. Events can be customized for both small-scale and large-scale hiring needs.

Internship and Work Experience Programs

Build capacity and try out new employees with no risk.

Job Posting and Promotion

Provided through the Connecticut State Job Bank, CT Hires.

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Youth & Young Adults

Ages 14-24