Success Stories


Maria Echevarria

“Maria Echevarria became a JFES participant in February 2018, after arriving from Puerto Rico in order to provide her children stability and a better future. During our intake appointment, Maria mentioned that she loved working with the public and was seeking to obtain full time employment as a customer service representative. She stated that her main goal was to gain employment as soon as possible to become financially independent and no longer receive cash assistance. Another goal was to find her own apartment.”

As many other participants, her main employment barriers were child care and transportation. During her time as a registered JFES participant, Maria explored several services from the JFES program such as utilizing the Online Learning Center to create a resume and connecting with her CA for job leads, interviewing techniques, and to aide in her confidence while embarking on her employment journey.

After effectively completing the resume and obtaining child care in June 2018, she was able to start working through the subsidized employment program at the New Britain American Job Center as a front desk intern. Maria completed the program successfully however; she provided great customer service and the experience allowed her to receive professional development to utilize once she found permanent employment. 

Maria continued to maintain contact with career agent and was informed of all on site job recruitments that were held at The American Job Center.  While seeking employment, Maria was receiving aid to purchase a bus pass on a monthly basis in order to report to several interviews she had lined up.  In December 2018, she was able to obtain full time employment as a cashier at Wal-Mart. At this moment in time, Maria is no longer receiving cash assistance and enjoys working at Wal-Mart. She feels blessed to come such a long way and recently reported that she will be moving into her own apartment in March with her family. She feels grateful and appreciative of the dedication and efforts put forth by her career agent and felt her overall experience at the American Job Center was positive and uplifting and directly attributed to where she is today. 

Michael Weiss

“Michael Weiss connected with the Enfield American Job Center late in 2016 after being unemployed for several months. Michael tried to do his own job search for some time and was unsuccessful. Mr. Weiss had been a CDL B driver with over 15 years’ experience and enjoyed what he did. He was however starting to feel discouraged in his job search efforts.”

Michael entered the WIOA program in November of 2016. When I met with him to develop his individualized employment plan, we set up his goals and objectives on areas he needed to be successful in his job search. One area was to work on updating his resume and reviewing his interview skills to make sure he was presenting himself to the best of his abilities to prospective employers. We discussed different job searching strategies to best assure he was reaching all employers who might have positions.

I then referred him to work with Business Services in 2017 in getting assistance with his job searching while I continued to aid him in developing his confidence with the job search process. Michael was eager and willing to do what it took to find employment in the CDL B field.

As a team, I and our business service consultant worked with Michael in providing him all the necessary tools to find employment while fostering his motivation and self-confidence. Though there were some bumps in the roads with an employer not being the best fit for Michael, he ultimately was hired by Poulin Logistics in Suffield, CT as a CDL B driver.  He continues to work with them through today and stops by the American Job Center on his days off to say hello. Mr. Weiss feels the services he received while in the WIOA program ultimately and the enthusiasm of the staff supported him in his success.

Naomi Arroyo

“She more than excelled at what was expected of a star of the program and went above and beyond in assisting fellow interns.”

Janelys Salazar

“Janelys learned to trust others and find her voice to speak on her behalf and her peers. She became the President of the Youth Council and even assisted staff to present at one of the CWP Board meetings about the YouthBuild New Britain Program.”

Tuaquan Smith

“He never missed a day of class; his mother drove him and picked him up most days. Upon completion of the program, he received a job offer from Pratt & Whitney – $29.00/hour and is currently working on his driver’s license.”

Ibrahim Barrie

“From the word go, Mr. Barrie has thrown himself full-force into his job search, diligently working with community partners to obtain his high school diploma.”

Nina Mae Pires

“Being a mother and going to school full time has been a challenge but knowing her career choice is a rewarding one in being able to help everyone especially children.”

George Cruz

“George is the perfect example of someone who has used the services to move forward. He never wavered from his goal of working with those in recovery and has overcome a criminal history, homelessness, and continued rejection.”

Jacqueline Rodriguez

“Hard work and determination lead to Jacqueline’s success. In January of 2019, Jacqueline was hired into a full time benefited position at the Rushford Center in Meriden, CT as a Case Manager.“

Stephen Campbell

When he is not busy with his already full academic and professional priorities, he also serves at Co-Chair for the BEST Chance Alumni Group and actively guest speaks and mentors to current program participants.”

InterCommunity Health Care

“They have hired over 16 candidates from our pool of participants and have become deeply committed to creating change in the unemployed, underemployed, and underserved communities in the North Central Region by partnering with CWP in MACH and various other workforce development projects.”

Atlas Stamping

“Atlas Stamping has utilized just about every workforce development program available as they truly recognize its value. Atlas Stamping has been directly involved with Synergy High School’s Pre-Apprentice Manufacturing Training program by taking on several interns and hiring at least two full time after they graduated high school.”

The Laborers Local 230

Besides keeping pace with the skills that are needed to be developed in their membership, they are always looking for ways to provide the contractors who are signatory to them with the best prepared and qualified workforce possible, which is what CWP also does.”

Denise Pastore

Denise is filled with tenacity and determination to provide exceptional service to every person that walks through the doors of the American Job Center. Denise takes her time with everyone to hear their story, to understand their needs, and she will refer them to the appropriate services.”

Earl Gardner

“Earl is a great ambassador for the North Central AJC system. He is warm and welcoming, and treats all people with respect and dignity. For Earl, there is no such thing as a “stupid question;” customers and colleagues are ready and willing to learn.”

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