Capital Workforce Partners is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Labor has awarded a $5.88 million federal grant to upskill workers for jobs in growing industries in the Capital Region.

The Trade and Economic Transition Dislocated Worker Grant will provide training and supports to 500 dislocated workers in high-growth employment sectors over the next two years.  Alex Johnson, President & CEO of Capital Workforce Partners enthusiastically notes that “this grant targets the needs of manufacturers and healthcare employers who have urgent workforce needs.”

Alex further highlighted that this grant was made possible given “Capital Workforce Partners longstanding partnerships with the U.S. and State Departments of Labor and employers, community agencies, municipalities, and the educational community which support our mission to drive and close the skills gap.”

The region’s six American Jobs Centers (AJCs) will provide the gateway of services to those interested in the job training and placement opportunities, while working with a number of community training programs and employers to provide certified training to participants and matching them with the right employers.

The grant will support skills training, career services, job development and support services for workers seeking reemployment opportunities in growth sectors, particularly caused by shifts in regional workforce needs and economic changes.