We are very pleased to announce several internal staffing changes for Jim Boucher, Pamela Tonello, and Julie Watson.

Jim Boucher has accepted the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) position. In this new position, Jim will assist in developing and implementing the organizational strategic plan as well as communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives and resource development strategies to sustain/enhance grant funds. He will also be responsible for communications and public relations strategy, including raising external awareness and understanding of our vision. Jim will oversee the Planning & Market Research division.

Pamela Tonello has accepted Chief Program Officer (CPO) position. As CPO, Pamela will manage all programs and services including Jobs Funnel, One-Stop, Youth, sector-based partnerships, and employer engagement. She will also facilitate the building of systems of service for the American Job Center (AJC) and youth program customers. Pamela will oversee the Special Programs, Employer Engagement, One Stop Services, and Youth Services divisions.

Julie Watson has accepted our new Compliance & Accountability Administrator position. In this role, Julie will be responsible for the management and continuous improvement of all CWP compliance and accountability systems. She will interface with all departments and serve as our gatekeeper/point of contact for these areas of focus.

Please join us in congratulating Jim, Pamela, and Julie in their new roles at Capital Workforce Partners!