Hartford HealthCare (HHC) reached out to Capital Workforce Partners (CWP) last month for recruitment support for emergency and essential job openings. “We are anticipating a large surge of patients and now have an immediate need to directly hire applicants into many available openings,” HCC stated in its initial communication. CWP’s Business Services Team responded immediately and met with HHC to discuss their anticipated workforce needs and next steps.

HHC promptly created a job board specifically for the COVID-19-related open positions. CWP, through the American Job Centers and Youth Programs, contacted more than 2,000 participants to provide links to the HHC job board. Of this group, more than 100 participants accessed application information on the job board and applied for positions by April 30, 2020. Ten participants have been hired to date and 12 participants are engaged currently in HHC’s hiring process.CWP also contacted its Community College and training partners to extend the recruitment effort to former healthcare student cohorts (e.g., CNA, MA, Nurses) and to utilize their virtual job boards. To augment these efforts, CWP used its social media networks to further share this information with the public and other Connecticut workforce development boards.

Hartford HealthCare thanked CWP for its support through this challenging time, and CWP wishes to acknowledge its Business Services Team for responding to HCC’s call for service with speed and professionalism.