Reposted from the Connecticut Department of Labor
by Janet Caldwell Cover


Jill Larmett

RETAIN-CT is fortunate to have Jill Larmett as a Work Navigator from Capital Workforce Partners.  Prior to joining the RETAIN project, since 2009, Jill has served North Central Connecticut’s One-Stop system as the Disability Navigator. Her expertise serving people with disabilities has served us well with our participants struggling with musculoskeletal conditions and work demands. Wearing her hat at Capital Workforce Partners, she assists individuals navigating the system of services that help people with disabilities. Additionally, she ensures the American Job Centers are ADA compliant and job seekers with disabilities have equal access to communication and all programs and services. Jill has an in-depth knowledge of the various workforce and human service-related programs available in the state. She also has a strong network of established relationships with (programs, individuals, offices who provide these services), that have already proven to be helpful for our current RETAIN-CT participants..

Jill’s experience has prepared her to assist RETAIN participants in their efforts to return-to-work or stay-at-work. Jill’s expertise enables her to identify the services an individual may need to reach their goal. Jill collaborates with a team of specialists on the RETAIN-CT program, as well as with participant’s employers or providers when needed. Her motto is, “we will problem solve together” and thinks of herself as a cheerleader/work advocate to get participants where they want to be.