Hartford, CT, February 14, 2019Capital Workforce Partners (CWP) is pleased to announce that an $80,033 grant from the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation of Public Giving  to support the funding for the “Free to Succeed” program. Free to Succeed provides career advancement planning, job retention services and other specialized support to people who have returned to the community after being incarcerated.  The program’s mission is “to provide services to assist former offenders, helping them return to society, become self-sufficient, gainfully employed citizens and respected members of society”.

The Free to Succeed program is staffed by two specialists and is located within the American Job Center (AJC).  The specialists provide a range of services through the coordinated efforts of various partnering agencies. Program participants are referred to housing, transportation, adult education and employment services.

CWP also offers the BEST Chance program that compliments the Free to Succeed initiative for participants who are interested in construction, culinary, or advanced manufacturing careers. The BEST Chance program provides training and job placement assistance for returning citizens and successfully transitions participants to the Free to Succeed program where they receive continued support and wrap around services to help advance their career goals.

“The Free to Succeed program has successfully served over 530 participants over the last six years. It has had a positive impact on public safety, reduced recidivism and has helped former offenders to support the well-being of their communities, both economically and socially,” states Alex Johnson, President and CEO of CWP.

“Working with participants in re-entry programs, we know how vital it is to connect people to the types of services and supports offered by the Free to Succeed program to ensure their long-term stability and success,” said Hartford Foundation Director of Grants and Community Partnerships Judy McBride. “We are pleased that this grant will allow Free to Succeed to continue to provide previously incarcerated men and women with access to services to address their needs for housing, employment, transportation and other challenges they often face when returning to the community.”