Issued March 11, 2020

Public Notice

North Central Region Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Fund Transfer: WIOA Dislocated Worker to WIOA Adult Program


Request for Public Comment
Capital Workforce Partners, the Workforce Development Board for the North Central Connecticut region, is soliciting public comment on its plan to transfer funds from the Dislocated Worker to the Adult Program in accordance with 20 CFR 683.130.  Comments may be submitted by email to or by fax to 860-722-2486 or by hard copy mail to CWP, 1 Union Place, Hartford, CT 06103 ATTN: Julie Watson.

Customer flow into the North Central One-Stop system continues to consist of more low income adults than dislocated workers.  The caseload distribution began to shift from primarily dislocated workers to primarily low income adults in 2016, and CWP implemented funding transfers to align WIOA resources with customer need beginning in FY17.  Demand for WIOA Adult training scholarships for the 2019-2020 program year exceeds the amount of available funds by $400,000, while demand for WIOA Dislocated Worker scholarships is $400,000 below the amount of available funds.

The transfer of WIOA funds from Dislocated Worker to Adult will align the distribution of funding to meet customer training needs.


Program FY20 Allocation Transfer Revised Allocation
Adult 2,422,174 400,000 2,822,174
DW 2,033,557 (400,000) 1,633,557
Total 4,455,731 0 4,455,731