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by Liese Klein


Diverse Team of Specialists Inspect Commercial, Industrial Building Construction Site. Real Estate Project with Civil Engineer, Investor and Worker. In the Background Crane, Skyscraper Formwork Frames

Unemployed workers seeking jobs in IT, health care, construction and other fields will get new funding toward intensive re-training under a $3.7 million grant announced by Hartford-based Capital Workforce Partners (CWP).

The funds come from the state Department of Economic and Community Development as part of a worker-training effort under the auspices of the state Coronavirus Relief Fund

“This program is geared to enable participants during a short window of time to earn relevant skills and certifications, which can lead to job stability, employee benefits, job advancement opportunities or even a change in careers,” CWP President & CEO Alex Johnson said.

More than 400 people are currently enrolled in CWP re-training programs, which include a $200 stipend for each week of training, a laptop computer if needed, funds for training gear and funds for basic needs including child care, transportation and housing.

The U.S. Treasury allocated $1.4 billion in federal monies to Connecticut for its Coronavirus Relief Fund in April, and the state set up the Workforce Training Innovation Fund to pay for job-training and re-training efforts around the state.

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