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Photos from the 2018 Annual Meeting - June 15, 2018

Photos from the 2017 Annual Meeting - June 16, 2017



Support Local and National Workforce Development Initiatives

The Workforce Development System is designed to ensure that people have the skills necessary to perform well in the job market, while supplying businesses with the talent needed to stay economically competitive. All of Capital Workforce Partners' efforts support the local workforce and local businesses that serve 37 municipalities in North Central Connecticut.

For more information about what workforce development is and how it works, and to learn more about the 37 municipalities in our region please see our About Us page.

Capital Workforce Partners works with public, non-profit, educational, and private sector leaders to develop Connecticut's workforce for what businesses need. We use our outreach capabilities to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Highlight opportunities for businesses
  • Convene important partners
  • Focus on the outcomes that matter for North Central CT

Please support Capital Workforce Partners with its outreach efforts in support of local workforce development to make sure that workers in North Central Connecticut have the skills to make them successful.

Write a letter to your local, state or federal government 
Tell us your story 

Share your workforce development pictures and stories with our Communications Department.

Fill out a Release Form and give us permission to share your story and send it via e-mail to Summer Gomes at sgomes@capitalworkforce.org 

Connect with us on social media 

Capital Workforce Partners often hosts workforce development events in the community to raise program awareness, posts current trends in workforce development, showcases various local workforce development opportunities and highlights the accomplishments of the workforce development system. Keep in touch or find opportunities to get involved and show your support publically by following us on social media.

Write a letter to the Hartford Courant editor 
Other local and national outreach partners / campaigns 

Click on one of the links below to learn about some of our partners and other organizations that are waging local and national campaigns in support of workforce development initiatives.