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To establish a policy for selection of entities and programs eligible to receive funding through Individual Training Accounts (ITA) to provide training to CT Works One-Stop customers in the North Central Region. 



Capital Workforce Partners, Inc. (CWP) is committed to increasing income levels and creating employment opportunities for customers in the North Central Region.  The CWP will establish priorities for High Skill employment training programs and High Wage employment opportunities in the North Central Region. 

It will be the policy of CWP to work with the Connecticut Department of Labor, Labor Market Information (LMI) section, to identify occupations prioritized for CWP funding in the North Central Region. Occupations must be identified through local labor market information, the state of Connecticut Department of Labor, and the Connecticut Employment & Training Commission as having the potential for high entry wages (greater than $10 per hour) and projected growth and/or significant job openings in Connecticut and the North Central Region.  To be considered for funding through WIA, a training program must lead to a recognized credential as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor in its Training and Employment Guidance Letter 17-05.  CWP has identified three priority industries for training:  Allied Health, Advanced Manufacturing & Technology and Green Jobs.  A list of priority occupations and corresponding training programs targeted in the North Central Area and currently approved on the CT Department of Labor, WIA Program List is included in the attachment to this policy.


  • It will be the policy of CWP to deliver occupational skills training to adults and older youth, regardless of funding source, through the CT Works One-Stop System using, to the maximum extent possible, an Individual Training Account (ITA), Scholarship process.  ITAs are the mechanism, under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), for providing eligible customers with the resources to access training in demand occupations through approved training providers.
  • To be eligible for an ITA, an eligible customer must, at a minimum:
  • have a high school diploma or GED; ITAs for customers concurrently enrolled in high school completion or GED programs may be approved on a case-by-case basis
  • be unable to find suitable employment with existing skills and/or academic credentials as evidenced through unsuccessful job search efforts while actively participating in both core and intensive services offered through CT Works, and/or
  • through assessment be determined to be appropriate for and able to complete the chosen employment training program, and
  • select a training program as defined by the parameters of this policy and linked to a demand occupation in the local area and make a commitment to seek employment in the field once trained. 

In all cases, the need for training, and the activities related to and including the training funded through the ITA, shall be documented in the Individual Employment Plan (IEP) on CTWBS. The IEP on CTWBS includes work history, education level, assessment results, and the sequence of activities.


When there are limited funds for intensive and training services under WIA, it will also be policy of CWP to establish eligibility for intensive and training services to the following populations in the North Central Region:

  • United States Veterans who meet one or more of the listed priorities will always have priority over non-veterans for service;
  • Unemployed or under-employed Adults (18 years +) who are residents of municipalities in the North Central Region and are low income as defined as having an income in the preceding 12 months that is at or below 150% of the Federal poverty guidelines; eligibility will be determined and documented in CTWBS by the WIA Title I Contractor;
  • Unemployed or under-employed Older Youth (age 19 – 21) who are residents of municipalities in the North Central Region and are low income as defined as having a family income in the preceding six months that is at or below the 70% LLSIL; eligibility will be determined and documented in CTWBS by the WIA Quality Reviewer;
  • TANF clients able to benefit from WIA services;
  • North Central Region dislocated workers where intensive services or training will enhance the likelihood of at least 85% wage replacement of their pre lay-off wage;
  • Incumbent workers “at risk” of job or wage loss, and in need of skills upgrades in order to maintain or achieve wages of $6,000 or more for 2 quarters following exit.

It will further be the policy of the CWP that when funds are severely limited to use a scale to prioritize training services to intensive service customers, who have already met one of the eligibility criteria above, to determine who is most in need, and best able to benefit from training.  The scale will determine high, moderate or low priority based upon each customer’s level of transferable skills, work experience and education credentials; customers determined to have high priority for training will have fewer transferable skills, fewer or lower education credentials and less work experience. In the event that funding is extremely limited or nearing exhaustion, TANF customers will have the highest priority for training, followed by WIA Low Income Adults.  In all cases veterans priority still applies.


  • Generally ITAs will be given to programs lasting not more than 12 - 24 consecutive calendar months or, in the instance of customers having current academic credit toward associate or bachelor degree programs, which can be completed in 60 credit hours or less.  In no instance will CWP fund all four years of a customer’s post secondary education.  Funding for education and training beyond the baccalaureate level is limited to certifications.  Exceptions to these limitations require the prior approval of the CWP President/CEO or designee.
  • In most cases, funding for ITA Scholarships will not exceed $4,000 per customer; however, programs identified as meeting priority labor market demands and delivered through other public State of Connecticut agencies will receive consideration for additional funding up to $6,000.  Such consideration must be approved by the CWP Director, One Stop Services or designee.


CWP intends to establish a Memorandum of Agreement with each training vendor, (with programs that match the occupational list) that sets forth the billing conditions and benchmarks for payment upon successful enrollment, completion and job placement.  These benchmarks must be documented by the case managers in the CTWBS system prior to release of payment.


CWP Policy/Procedure

Topic:  WIA ITA Scholarship

Number:06-03                                Effective Date:  07/01/2009

Applies to: CWP Training Vendors, CWP customers, One-Stop Contractors

Approved by: CWP One Stop Committee

Other Policy references: CTDOL AP-01-16, AP 07-13, CWP 0-01, 01-05



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