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Youth Workforce Programs at Work

One of the Workforce Investment Programs in the Capital Workforce Partners region is Our Piece of the Pie's (OPP) Pathways to Work Program.

Nastassia, was fortunate to benefit from this program.  Originally from Jamaica, she attended school in Hartford until she moved to Florida where she studied business at a local community college. But she became frustrated that general courses had nothing to do with her future.

So, Nastassia dropped out and returned to Hartford in 2013, where she wasn’t going to school or working. That’s when she saw the Workforce Investment Act PCI Advanced Manufacturing program at an info session at  Our Piece of the Pie, and she was hooked. “It was unlike anything I did in college--it’s what we’d be doing in the field,” she said. “The number one thing that helped me succeed was my support system. I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t fail alone--my friends, family, and OPP staff were there.”

Nastassia soon moved up to level two courses, and was hired as an intern at Mallory Industries in February 2014, and then full-time once she graduated that May. She now works within Quality Assurance. “I love everything about it. One of the best parts is that even though I’m out of school, they take time to make sure I understand the different techniques.”

Nastassia plans to further study engineering, staying in manufacturing. “I feel like I can make my mark in the field as a dominant black woman, setting a path for other women. Right now it is so male-driven, and I hope to change that.”

“I thank this program for giving me the opportunity and resources I needed. I’m at a point where I’m truly happy and life is just a little bit easier.”