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Training to Keep Your Home For the Long Haul

The Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program helps borrowers gain the skills they need to be able to earn more money to become more financially stable by providing employment assistance

  • Customized Employment Services 
  • Job Training Scholarships 
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Credit Counseling 
  • Referrals to other needed services 

The Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program Staff will work in partnership with credit counselors and other support agencies to help improve your financial standing with lenders.

Here is a flyer with all the information you need. 
Now, read Susan's story, or about Olga's situation, Patricia and Ray's experience and Kevin's success to see how this program changes lives, one family at a time.

Susan's Story:

"I wanted to update you on my situation. When I first came to see you in May on a referral from CHFA's EMAP program, I was on the verge of losing my home, unemployed and drowning in debt. Since then I have secured a job, started to get back on my feet financially, went through the Financial Fitness class, (that really helped me a lot!), and went back to school at night to start a new career. I also just found out last week that I have been approved for the EMAP program which will allow for me to keep my home!

I would like to thank you and the State of CT for all of the help that I was given! It has really given me a 2nd chance at life. I once again feel like a productive member of society. Please feel free to share this email with whoever you would like to! I am a testament that all of the help you gave, really works!"

Sue Small

Olga's Story

"I started the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program with Marisol Concepcion in July 2014.  I am currently taking the MOS 2010/2013 & Quick Books Certification Program at Patrick’s Academy through January 2015.  While attending my classes I  was hired Part-Time as a Dental Assistant with a starting rate of $15.00. It is less then what I was earning in the past, but I cannot complain. 

I was missing certain credentials before I started my new job, but with the help of the MCJTP I was able to obtain training in the areas that I was lacking.  I am currently working with the Mortgage Company on a loan modification, in order to save my home.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program because without this program I would have probably lost my home and would have still been out of work. I could not have made it without the assistance that I received.  I am ever so grateful. You guys rock."

Olga Jimenez

Patricia and Ray's Story

When her company closed, Patricia M. lost the job she had enjoyed for 20 years.  She was finding it difficult to obtain new employment.  Soon after, her husband Ray also lost his job.  They stood to lose a lot in equity as their mortgage was almost paid off.   While still searching for employment, Patricia made the decision to train in a field she’d always had an interest in - Esthetics.  This was something she had always dreamed of doing, but never had the funds to pay for the course. 

Working with the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program, she was able to enroll in the program and has now passed the State Board as a licensed Esthetician. While waiting for the licensing approval, Patricia continued her job search and was able to find employment in this field. Although it is part-time, she is confident it will grow to full time.  Working with Catholic Charities, Patricia was able to apply to the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMAP).  Now that she is approved, she knows she has time to increase her earnings so she can make the full payment on her own.  She has worked hard to be able to maintain her home - “where all my memories are.”

Patricia M.

Kevin's Story

Kevin, a single parent with two daughters who got caught up in a reduction of workforce at his last job as a Medical Malpractice Consultant. We no income in the household, Kevin found himself nine months behind on his mortgage when he got in touch with Stephen Good Program Specialist for the MCJTP. Kevin and Stephen came up with a plan to get Continuing Ed credits and 'members only' access to job openings in the Actuarial Society.  Kevin was quickly was able to get a full time position with The Hartford as an Actuary.   With a full time job Kevin is able work out a modification with his bank and was able to keep his home. Kevin was thankful for this program and said, “this information was just what I needed.”

Kevin Brazee