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Okay says "okay" to Best Chance Talent

The Best Chance program, is all about giving formerly incarcerated individuals their "best chance" for successful and sustainable re-entrance into society and the workforce. The program does that by providing a career-building pathway, that includes basic training, GED prep if needed, skills training in customer service and job search, peer support and guidance, and focused, technical training in any of three areas - culinary, construction or manufacturing - that result in trade related certifications.  This is a contextualized (IBEST) learning approach that is administered by a partnership of community and government agencies administered by Capital Workforce Partners.

In October, six "Best Chance" graduates completed Manufacturing training that was provided by Manchester Community College and one individual completed his Manufacturing training at Goodwin College.  Upon completion of this comprehensive program that included the manufacturing industry focus, SIX OF THE SEVEN BEST CHANCE graduates were hired by Okay Industries in New Britain, filling open positions they were eager to fill.

When we interviewed these BEST CHANCE program participants, we realized we wanted to hire most of them,” said Kathy Cabral, Okay Industries HR Manager. “We are really happy we could give them this chance, and this is not a “gift” of employment, they all earned it, and their desire for long term success is an inspiration for all of us.”

There is now a good chance, these best chance employees are on track for promising futures, helping the region's manufacturers increase productivity and growth. 

More about the BEST CHANCE program here.