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Noah is on a Career Pathway to Success


Noah is a senior at the Law & Government Academy. Noah likes creative activities such as art and dance. He has three older brothers, a sister and two younger brothers.

Noah heard about the Hartford Student Internship Program (HSIP) summer opportunity from his sister. He interviewed with Capital Workforce Partners and discussed his career interests and possible internship locations. One career that Noah wanted to learn more about was working in a law office. He thought it would be a good opportunity and his parents encouraged him to do the summer internship with an attorney.

At first, the thought of interning with an attorney was “scary”, since his only previous work experience was with a dance company. He also realized he would be meeting new people and felt some trepidation, so he was very quiet at first. After speaking with his father, he took his advice and made a point to be early every day for his internship and demonstrate that he was focused on getting his tasks done well.

Ultimately, Noah enjoyed his internship and learned about organization and working with other people. He considers himself more of a “hands on learner” and felt that learning skills on the job such as organizational skills, was more effective than learning it in the classroom. Another benefit of participating in the program was the support system that he was connected to. Noah considers Attorney Watson, his secretary, and Capital Workforce Partners staff as his internship support system. Through that support system, Noah worked through challenges and had conversations about what he would really like to do in life and ways to further explore his interests. By the end of the experience, Attorney Watson offered Noah part-time employment.

Noah believes his internship experience helped prepare him for college and his future. It taught him the value of organization and preparation. He recommends an internship for other students as a valuable experience.

Noah’s future plans include college, but he is undecided what he will be studying as a major. He is thinking about art or creative writing. However he is thinking, since there are so many problems in the world, he may want to pursue being a therapist or psychiatrist. Both his parents and older brothers attended college and support his goals.