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Juliet's Hartford Hospital Internship Has Given her a Healthy Start to Her Future

Juliet is a senior at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. Juliet enjoys working with children and playing basketball. Juliet has three brothers and one sister. Juliet’s family is very supportive of her going to college. Her sister is graduating from Westfield State University and her brother is graduating from the U.S. Army.

Before starting an internship, Juliet wanted to become a nurse. When she received an opportunity to participate in the Hartford Student Internship Program (HSIP) she was excited to be placed at Hartford Hospital.

Juliet shared that when she chose her internship at Hartford Hospital IT for the summer of 2015, she was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Before starting her internship, Juliet met with the internship coordinator at her school, she asked questions and talked a lot about her interests. Some other companies that were offered to her were Cigna and Travelers Insurance companies but Juliet wanted to be in a hospital setting.

Some of Juliet’s responsibilities at Hartford Hospital IT included going in the operating rooms and newborn nursery to monitor and fix computers. She also learned about coding. Not only did she learn a lot at her internship, but it also aligned with the courses she was taking in High School. Especially the technology courses. She was one of nine students who was asked to return in the fall to Hartford Hospital IT to continue her internship after school hours.

Ultimately, she really enjoyed her internship. She says if she didn’t end up doing it then she wouldn’t have all of these new experiences to bring with her to college.  At first, the most challenging part for Juliet was getting comfortable with other people. But after time, she became comfortable and improved her communication skills. One piece of advice that Juliet has for students who are considering doing an internship is to start everything early. “The earlier the better.” She says if I could have started earlier, I would’ve done it.

Juliet believes her internship experience helped her prepare for college and her future. She is really excited for other student’s to intern at Hartford Hospital IT and to have the same positive experiences that she had. Next year she plans to attend Eastern State University to study Early Childhood Education.