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Unlikely Success Stories? Guess Again.

JobsFunnel3.jpgSometimes the treacherous mountains and large brick walls that stand in our path are a reason enough to choose to climb them just to get to the other side. Carpenters, Carmen Scarlatta and Edwin Crespo were very unlikely success stories when they were faced with tremendous barriers.

Carmen - Carmen was a single mom, had limited English and academic skills and realized she liked to do waht the "guys do" - get in the trenches, work hard and even drive big trucks.  When she was introduced to the Jobs Funnel, she understood her dreams could be realized. "If you like it, you can do anything you want," said Carmen, and she proceeded to get her Class A license for truck driving, has completed her carpenter's apprenticeship and has helped to build the Connecticut Science Center, Hartford's Science and Medical Academy and a host of other landmarks. She is now a journeyman working on the UCONN campus construction, a homeowner and her son is now a Carpenter's apprentice.

Edwin - Edwin always needed to be on top, "a leader" ahead of the rest.  Unfortunately, his first pathways into adulthood led him to the wrong side of "the top."  After a brief stint leading a gang in the streets of Hartford, he had a longer stint in Corrections and soon found himself back out on the street with an opportunity to recreate himself and start a new life.  When Edwin connected with the Jobs Funnel, he knew he connected with a new, special kind of gang.  One that focuses on continuous learning, bettering yourself and the lives of others and working hard for a living.  As a carpenter, Edwin now reaches for the top by aspiring to be the most competent person on the job.  He has numerous certifications, and now, when he goes home from work he is proud to share with his son, "this is what daddy does."