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Computing a Tech Career Pathway - Starting in High School. Meet Shemar

Shemar is a junior at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. He lives with his mom and sister and he has two brothers in Jamaica. His favorite classes are Digital Video Media, Music Technology, Probability & Statistics, and Spanish II. Outside of school he is interested in computer development, computer repair, and mobile phones. Before his internship Shemar was interested in a pursuing a career in the healthcare and medical field.

Prior to participating in the Hartford Student Internship Program (HSIP), Shemar has applied for a number of internships but was not selected. The process was competitive and there were more interested students than internship sites. Finally, in the summer of 2015 he was interviewed by Hartford Hospital IT and was one of ten students selected. He was very excited that he was selected for a health care focused IT internship because at that time health care was his primary career interest.

At Hartford Hospital IT, Shemar had the opportunity to shadow experienced technicians and assist with desktop support by unpacking and setting up computers, imaging of computers, installing applications, trouble shooting hardware and software issues, and interacting with hospital desktop users. He appreciated the orientation Hartford Hospital IT provided and they made him feel like an actual employee.

In the fall, Shemar was accepted for a second internship as a part-time intern in Capital Workforce Partners IT department.  There he unpacked and repackaged computers, and imaged computers. Capital Workforce Partners provided an orientation to Shemar and informed about his role, schedule, and general information about organization. He printed out a set of instructions so he was able to perform tasks to the best of his abilities. Every day, Shemar made sure that he put 110% focus on the work that he was doing. He said the only difficulty about the whole experience was getting accustomed to the schedule he had to be there directly after school.

Shemar believes that the supervisors at both of his internships were instrumental to his success. They encouraged him and gave him the drive to be successful and pay attention to what he was doing. He recommends an internship for students who need help determining what kind of career they are looking for and to also learn more about the business world.

One piece of advice that Shemar wants to give to other students is that an internship is not always easy, it is a new experience, but if you stick with it and don’t give up, you will enjoy yourself. His internship experiences changed his career interests and plans. His internship experiences influenced him to pursue Computer Science as a college major. Shemar is currently taking college classes at Capital Community College and plans to apply to the University of Connecticut or Central Connecticut State University.