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An Architecturely Sound Internship at Crosskey Architects LLC

Extracted from the Crosskey Architect LLC Newsletter - E-News Year in Review 2015: 

Community Commitment

As a member of the MetroHartford Alliance, we (Crosskey Architects LLC) attended our first Rising Star Breakfast on September 17th. Keynote speaker Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Ed.D. Superintendent, Hartford Public Schools spoke about her first year on the job, the district's five-year strategic plan, and community partnerships. She said that she would like employers to be more involved in the schools, particularly the city's internship program for 11th graders, which seeks to give Hartford Public School students meaningful internships experiences; linking secondary education and workforce development. Hartford Public Schools, the City of Hartford, Capital Workforce Partners, MetroHartford Alliance, and the Connecticut Business and Industrial Association (CBIA) partnered to create the Hartford Student Internship Plan, which is administrated by Capital Workforce Partners.  

Crosskey Architects has been part of the Hartford community for over 30-years and we recognize the importance of workforce development. There is a real need for partnerships between schools and local employers, which is why we hosted our first intern, Genesis Corporan, a student at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology. Genesis interviewed at Crosskey because of her interest in industrial architecture. Here is what Genesis had to say about her experience so far, 

"I learned that you can never be wrong when you are creating a work of art. It is a pure expression of the mind that has no right or wrong answer. You begin with a seed of an idea and watch it grow into something that takes on a life of its own, rooted in the original concept."   

Students who take the initiative to seek out professional development opportunities, and then take action demonstrate qualities that all employers seek. We hope that Genesis's experience here has been meaningful, and is one that will inspire her to follow her dreams.

Photo taken by Gerry Berthiaume, Capital Workforce Partners.  In the photo: 

L/R – Chris Duprey – Business Manager, Nina Caruso – Historic Preservation Specialist, Genesis Corporan Hartford Student Internship Program student from HPHS Academy of Engineering and Green Technology, Rose Harris – Office Manager and William Crosskey -  Principal Owner