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Through the REACH Program Mr. Kouassi is now employed full time at SCM Partners…

Through the REACH Program Mr. Kouassi is now employed full time at SCM Partners…

For a few years before joining SMC Partners, Mr. Kouassi’s work history consisted of contractual and limited time period jobs.  Mr. Kouassi feels that Capital Workforce Partners, through its network was able to help him find a full time permanent work with benefits and with the income that he deserved.  This is the stability he always wanted for himself and his family.

Mr. Kouassi was not getting enough interviews to highlight his experience.  He only had contractual jobs with no benefits and was always looking for opportunities where he can be a part of a company and be able to provide for his family without the stress of being on limited time contract.

Mr. Kouassi’s last contract ended with CIGNA Healthcare and was later referred to the American Job Center system through the unemployment department where he met with the staff to assess his needs and see what opportunities would be suitable for him.  Mr. Kouassi was referred to the REACH program, and after meeting with Mr. Mohamed Chaouki, Sector Coordinator, he was deemed eligible to receive support.

Although Mr. Kouassi does not have a heavy IT background, his experience in Programming, Market Research and Data Analysis was among the transferable skills that one of Capital Workforce Partners’ employer saw as a valuable foundation and that additional training supported by the REACH program will make him a successful match.