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REACH Participant - Amer M. Abdullah, M.D., CMI


Amer came from Syria a very accomplished Surgeon. Unfortunately, he was unable to secure fulltime suitable employment, particularly with his skill set. He found himself working more to assist Syrian refugees (which he loved and felt great satisfaction doing). Although he was passionate to assist his people, he still sought to find a job that would pay him a living wage.

When Amer initially visited the American Job Center he was not eligible because his last job fell outside of our consortium. However, it was determined he would be eligible through the National Emergency Grant (NEG). From that point, he was referred to Focused Intensive Re-Employment Success Training (FIRST) program where he impressed, encouraged and inspired all with his story and determination to be successful.

Amer enrolled in NEG and FIRST programs.  It was also determined he may be eligible for the Re-Employment Alliance for Careers in Health (REACH) and could be beneficial for him. Although, he was neither an RN or IT professional we felt someone of his caliber could certainly find an opportunity through REACH.

A referral was made to the REACH Coordinator and explained Amer had extensive resume with lots of experience. She said to send it over! She called me back and asked if she could float it to a few companies to see if there was any interest. In the meantime, Amer continued to complete FIRST, participate in Job Search Work Team and was very active in the Online Learning Center.

The REACH Coordinator made a connection with Hartford Healthcare. They were looking for a Researcher and Amer was considered an exceptional candidate. This position would only be part-time but in a field, he longed to join. He interviewed along with the FIRST team going through Interview Stream, Amer was able to impress his interviewers with his knowledge and professionalism. The job was working with UMASS and a few Doctors from Orthopedic Associates of Hartford research team.

Amer’s specialty is surgery, oncology, global/refugees help and research and has published a considerable number of articles, books and led conference presentations in and out of the country.  This position was a great fit!

After a few months, the Hospital began to recognize his unique talents and sought to employ him on a full-time basis. He went through another set of interviews, all of which provided a clear examination of the skills and strategies he had worked to perfect in the American Job Center.

Our connection and partnership with the Hartford Healthcare System has helped Amer secure employment, negotiate a comfortable and a well-deserved earning with a chance of growing within the Hartford Healthcare System. Amer’s Director at the Hospital considers him a very valuable professional to join the Hartford Healthcare team.