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CWP, UCONN and a Health Information Technology Grant Launch a Career

Lorraine (Lori) Apuzzo, The University of Connecticut and Capital Workforce Partners know how the talent pipeline is supposed to work!  From a great education, to a college internship, to being hired in exactly her field of study, and with a little help from Capital Workforce Partners’ REACH (Re-Employment Alliance for Careers in Health) program – Lori landed a great job at CaroGen Corp’s incubator program near the UCONN Health Center and is on her way to a prosperous career.

Jobs are hard to come by for the unemployed college graduates.  When Lori was asked if her fellow classmates are working, she said, “yes, but not in their field of study.” 

She continued, “Many companies require the appropriate experience in Health Care IT or the equivalent in training which can be expensive. Approaching the end of my college career with very little income, the panic started to set in. At this time, I was going to school full time and working less than part time at a retail store in the local mall. I was very under employed, and began to worry about the thousands of dollars in student loan bills that were ahead of me. I did some research and applied to UCONN TIP (Technology Incubation Program) and began working for CaroGen Corporation as an intern. CaroGen Corporation is an emerging biotechnology start- up company, with a mission to create a therapeutic vaccine against the Hepatitis B virus.”

“In 10 weeks, I established a multifaceted role at CaroGen, particularly, in Health Care IT. Toward the end of my internship, CaroGen Corporation and after hearing about REACH were determined to extend an offer of employment. This program allowed them to do so, by providing me with the necessary funding to receive ‘On-the-Job’ training for six months. The process was quick, simple, and enjoyable. Mohamed Chaouki, the Program Coordinator was determined to help both CaroGen, a growing company, and help me get my foot in the door. Within less than 2 weeks, he made the possibility of employment a reality. I highly recommend the REACH program to all of Connecticut's established & emerging companies, unemployed graduates, long-term unemployed or underemployed residents. It is essential that we keep the many talented, skilled, and intelligent minds of Connecticut residents here at home; which is now possible, thanks to the Capital Workforce Partners REACH Program.” 

For more information about the REACH program, here is a flyer, or you can contact Mohamed at: mchaouki@capitalworkforce.org

Pictured in the Home Page Photo:  (l-r) Natalie D'Oyen, Associate Director - Technology Incubator Program, University of Connecticut; Lorraine Apuzzo, Mohamed Chaouki, REACH Program Coordinator, Capital Workforce Partners.